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First and foremost, we wanted this challenge to be low pressure so it's all about having fun and challenging yourself. Overall, this community presents a different kind of wrestling icon contest, where there is (almost) no voting and all hard work is rewarded.

We offer three different challenges and everyone is welcomed (and encouraged) to participate.

general rules

Your icons must meet LJ standards (under 40kb, 100 x 100, .jpg, .gif or .png format, etc)
You must submit new icons for the challenge.
Obviously, you must submit your own work and not someone elses.
Completed icon sets must be posted in this community first (fake cuts are not allowed), though afterwards you are more than welcomed to post them elsewhere (your own icon journal) or link to the community post.
Please tag your posts accordingly (example: - icon maker, challenge # or - icon maker, subjectABC) as this helps the mods when we're organizing the memories.


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